Tree Planting

image Tree Planting
image-3 Tree Planting

It was something to see when the lorry & JCB with the hoists came up our drive ready to deliver and plant the 80 trees that we had ordered from Zuaimes Garden Center Caniles .
This was a day we both had been looking forward to now we are actually planting in what has been a large soulless area for the last 1+ year or so.

We bought a selection of trees to keep in keeping with the Andalucian surroundings ,but we wanted a few palms around the swimming pool area to give a little feel of the Mediterranean whilst relaxing around the pool area at Cuevas Helena Holidays.

All of the trees were planted in 1 day with the water irrigation system fitted and supplying water on a timer which means stress-free and don’t need to worry about the intense heat of the summer months ahead.

We are both very happy and have the tree line we both had always visualised.

*Pictures taking 2017*

IMG_3533-1-300x200 Tree Planting