Scottish couple Shirley and Mark Graham, who moved to Spain 15 years ago were inspired by a weekend break in a traditional cave house so when the pair came across an old cave in Andalucia they decided to make it their dream home. They then decided to convert a second cave on their land into a 3 bedroom guest house which they named Cuevas Helena. The end result is stunning. We find out why they decided to open up their home to paying guests and all about their recent appearance on My Dream Hotel. See the full article here Luxury bnb Magazine 

Cave Holidays Spain

With 2020 being such a lacklustre (not to mention a mostly holiday-free) year, we’re sensing a strong need for 2021 to up its game.

For us, that means choosing a holiday destination that’s as far from average as it’s possible to get!

Tell your friends that you’re going to Spain on holiday, and they probably won’t bat an eyelid. However, tell them that you’re going to stay in a unique cave house set in the Andalucian countryside, with both pool AND hot tub, and you’ll no doubt have their rapt attention!

You could continue by explaining that your completely unique Andalucian holiday home was featured on Channel Five’s popular show ‘Our Dream Hotel’, on which Mark and Shirley Graham’s Spanish labour of love was charted by renowned hotelier Alex Polizzi herself. Described as “out of this world” and the “perfect family destination”, Cuevas Helena’s very first guests were very happy to describe themselves as firm cave converts! WE ARE ON THIS LIST !!

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There is a particular calm that happens when you first enter a cave hotel suite. The carved out stone walls quickly provide comfort and quiet, reducing the outdoor noise to a minimum. I remember sleeping better in many of the cave hotels I have visited, from Santorini to Turkey, with no footsteps or neighbors making noise. It is the stillness and coolness of the cavernous space that encircles you !!  Cuevas Helena 1 of the top 12 Cave Houses to stay !!

Angus & Hedley came from MID LIFE BIKERS came to stay at Cuevas Helena for the weekend such fun guys !! 

About the guys –

Lifelong mates Angus Charlton And Hedley Smith, originally from the North East of England but now both reside in Spain embark on motorbike tours around the World in the name of fun, adventure and often for good causes.Recent trips include the Coast to Coast Tour which was a 7,000 km ride across America From Los Angeles To Miami on Harley Davidsons and more recent The 20 Countries in 20 Days Tour around Europe a 9,000 km ride in aid of Alzheimer’s Charity which was ridden on KTM and BMW adventure motorbikes

Angus and Hedley take a very tongue in cheek look at the places they visit and document these travels on YouTube and Facebook and now host a 1-hour Livestream Motorbike Show every Monday night at 8 pm GM